Impact Healthcare Services Limited

We work with children and adults with special needs, offering them services such as temporary or permanent accommodations, supported living and person centered care…


Who We Are

We are an Ireland based HSE-approved institution that provides a range of specialist home care and supported living services to Children and Adults with support needs. We provide support for people that live alone and we also offer temporary or emergency accommodation for Children and Adults. 

We work in partnership with Social Services, private individuals and voluntary service providers within Ireland and surrounding areas to provide high quality supported housing for children and adults with care and support needs in order to provide the care they deserve. 

Impact Healthcare Limited
Our Services

All Your Care Needs at One Place

Supported Living

We offer tailored supported living for clients who do not want to live fully in residential care, but also finding it difficult to cope at home as well. We have the right facility and carer for you.

Person centred care

We offer person-centred care service to  clients who have a specific goal(s) to achieve within a specific timeframe. Our approach is to understand the unique needs and then help achieve them.

24 hour Care Services

Our 24-hour care service is a round-the-clock service that requires our workers to offer personal and home care services including house chores,  errands, companionship, and many more.

Personalised Care

Trained Staffs

Emergency Support

Standard Facilities


Why Choose Us

Our aim is to enable the people we support to achieve their goals, believing that regardless of the challenges they face, everyone can accomplish their dreams especially if they have access to the right care and are in the right environment. This is why we offer a safe and therapeutic environment for all our clients.

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